Digital signatures for Document Signing is a technology that has been with us since the ’80s. It will be the first thing on a CIO’s mind when asked how documents and communication can occur remotely and securely. Digital Certificates uses technology called Public Key Infrastructure (PKI).

But why isn’t this obviously helpful technology the norm in today’s organizations?

Traditionally, the costs and expertise required to set up PKI are prohibitive. This means that it’s reserved to only large organizations that have the muscle to set it up or the ones that learnt the hard way.

Well, 2020 is here. And the world will never be the same again. Remote working seemed like an excuse for IT admins to nurse hangovers. Now even the Thermos salesmen that used to unceremoniously barge in our offices have to work from home. There is always a silver lining in any situation.

Another challenge is awareness. Many Kenyans do not know that there is a National PKI. Also, under the KICA as well as the Business Laws Act, documents signed with a digital certificate are legal. This

I’ll take this opportunity to put up a Public Service Announcement. A screenshot/picture of your signature annotated on a document is NOT a digital signature. What you have done instead is given anybody that accesses that document the ability to append that same “signature” to any document. The ramifications of that can be quite devastating in the wrong hands.

Thankfully, the challenges are surmountable. And that is where Geda LTD is ready to help. Geda is licensed by the Communications Authority of Kenya as an Electronic Certificate Service Provider. We have expertise and experience in the design, setup, and maintenance of PKI systems. We also integrate the certificates into your workflow. Supporting major applications like Microsoft Office, Adobe PDF, and custom applications that will benefit from the added security.

We register users and issue Digital Certificates for Document signing in Kenya. Our certificates are valid for applications like Microsoft Office and Adobe Acrobat PDF. Offering the certificates on a per user basis allows companies to forget about set up costs or hiring dedicated PKI specialists.

For enterprise clients, we design and deploy and manage PKI systems in hybrid cloud environments. Thanks to cloud technology and hardware-based PKI devices. You can deploy your PKI system in a remarkable time with trained local support available 24/7 365.

Contact us for sales of SSL certificates, digital certificates, and also custom PKI solutions.